HelloThis is pretty cool.Hello all!http://www.infuselearning.com/Loving edcamphouston - learning about kidblog.Thanks for the great info :-). You are a great resource!http://kidblog.org/home/This works for kids whose parents don't want them to use Twitter.Great session,This is cool. I don't event have to register for this site.Lots of great info thanks!edmodo.com is like Facebook for educationEdmodo is a completely safe learning environment that helps students learn and practice RUP and cyber safety.http://www.edmodo.com/This is great if your audience isn't on Twitter or you don't want the discussion to be public.Parents can see what their kids are doing on Edmodo, but they can't see other students' work.pbworks, wallwishers, lanschool, scribd, slideshare - all good tools.@krebstockIngrid DelaRosa @ildelarosa#Cre8tiveEdTech@martyd101Carla JanoThank you for all your great ideas and sourcesTwitter: @Kimberly_AdkinsI've learned so much in my first session! I can go home now.Gerjuan Gregory #Cre8tiveEdTech@laprofesorawebbhttp://www.scribd.comMatt Gomez just rousted me after getting on the table to help him with his volume!! WHAT A DIVA!!!I'm sorry Matt "B" Gomez....Professional KinderDiva@kimoadkinsLet them eat cake!!! -- @mattbgomezDefining early ed age group as 2-8 years old.@ipadsammy is here and would love a twitter follow...Love tweeting as the reflection at the end of a lesson/dayMarty...what age group do you teach?Finishing up Google Doc with all apps and links...get ready Edcamp Houston!!! GEMS!!!Right now I'm working with PK-5 but I also work with secondary special projects throughout HISDhttp://www.infuselearning.com/Anyone have the Symbaloo link for kinderchat?Kinderchat Symbaloo http://www.symbaloo.com/profile/kinderchateducation.Skype.comuclass.orghttp://uclass.org/ via @ipadsammyhttp://uclass.org/An example of what we talk about on our Techlandia Podcast with links!!http://learni.st/users/jonsammy/boards/16537-techlandia-12-a-dozen-gInterested in Mystery Skype!http://www.codecademy.com teaches kids to code